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Bringing home a new puppy is exciting and can be overwhelming. Below you'll find some tips and recommendations when your puppy comes home.


Bringing Home Puppy

Bringing Home your puppy will be exciting. You might be asking yourself, "now what". What does my puppy need? Laurel Grove has put together a "To-Do" list and we have listed some of our favorite products.



Laurel Grove feeds "VICTOR" a premium dog food. You can purchase this  food online & you can find it many Specialty Pet Retail Stores. 



You will want to find a professional groomer in your area that is familiar with grooming your ALD ( Australian Labradoodle)

Laurel Grove has a few tips on grooming and a list of grooming supplies we use.



Recognizing the importance of training and wanting to help you get started in the right direction as quickly as possible, we have partnered with BAXTER & Bella to provide discounted lifetime access to their exclusive MEMBERS ONLY online puppy school, including all the training resources you will ever need, leading to better animal ownership and the very best in canine companionship!


Vitamins & Supplements

As a reputable breeder, the health of my dogs is my top priority.  That’s why I enthusiastically recommend NuVet Plus immune system builder to all of my customers.  Simply put, it is the best nutritional supplement available today.


To assure your puppy gets off to the right start, they have been enjoying NuVet Plus every day as a treat (they love the taste).  Continuing this daily regimen is the easiest and best way to keep your pet on the path to perfect health!



Frequently Asked Questions can be found here. If your question is not here, please don't hesitate to reach out via email.

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