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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are deposits refundable?

A. Deposits are refundable until the expected date of the litter, and will be returned in the same method of payment as paid. After the expected date the deposits are nonrefundable.

Q. Are we able to visit Laurel Grove?

AUnfortunately, we are not able to accommodate the many requests we receive for prospective doodle families to stop by to visit us. We are a private home, not a kennel. In the past few years Parvo (a devastating disease that is almost always fatal to young pups) has increased.  It is easily transmitted and once it is present in a kennel/property it is extremely hard to eradicate. Parvo is likely brought into  kennels by families shopping for pups...often prospective puppy owners will go from kennel to kennel before purchasing their pup and will unknowingly carry the disease in on the bottom of their shoes or even on the tires of their cars. Because of this, we decided that its not worth  the risk of losing a puppy or a litter.


We realize that many people want to visit a breeder's home to see the condition that their pup is raised in.  We will happily provide references from past puppy owners who can speak to this and answer other questions about their experience of getting a pup from us.   We do invite families on the wait list to come see the litter once the pups have received their first puppy shots (at six weeks) or connect on Facetime or a Zoom call so all our puppies' families do have a chance to come to our place and see where their pups are raised or connect with us online.  (Families are asked to sanitize their shoes with the solution we provide before coming in.)


Q. Can we pick out our puppy?


Q. Do your breeding dogs live with you?

A. Since we're a private home and not a kennel, the majority of our breeding dogs live in guardian homes throughout Central California and with some of my family members in Southern California (Clovis, Fresno, Sanger, Visalia) 

Q. Do you ship?


Q. Do you ever have any older (trained) puppies or adult dogs available for adoption?

A. The majority of our pups move on to their forever homes between 8-10 weeks. At this point they know where to to go potty and have been introduced to crate training. As for adult doodles, on occasion we might have an older dog returned to us from a family who is no longer able to care for it, although this is pretty rare. When this happens we typically post a notice along with a picture of the available adult on the front page of our web site.

Q. Do you have extended stay after we pick our puppy?



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