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About Charley

Shadow Mountain's Captivating Charlotte

CAER - Normal

PrcdPRA - Normal

OFA Hips - Good

Elbows - Normal

Pen Hip - Normal

Patella - Normal

Cardiac - Normal

Degenerative Myelopathy - Normal

Exercise-Induced Collapse - Normal

Progressive Retinal Atrophy/Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration-   Normal

Von Willebrand Disease - Normal

IC Locus (Improper Coat/Furnishings)-  Furnishings                                                       (proper coat)


Size - Medium

Coat - Wavy

Color - Apricot

ALCA - Wi-126-03172017-131-LB1

WALA - WALA000551021

Sire - Shadow Mountain         

        Legendary Will

Dam - Shadow Mountain  

        Champagne Truffle

A little More About Miss Charley

Charley, yes she is captivating just like her name. She stops people in their tracks, questioning what kind of dog she is. An Australian Labradoodle of course. Her caramel color is absolutely gorgeous and her fun, friendly personality is evident when you meet her. She loves playing and romping around with her mom, Riley. She catches on quite easily with new training commands all while being encouraged with her favorite treats. Her favorite time of the day is early morning and late evenings when she plays fetch with her favorite ball. We look forward to her being apart of our breeding program in 2021. 

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