Bringing Home Puppy      

The day you pick up your Laurel Grove puppy, you will be given a daily schedule to help with the transition for your puppy. Setting up a routine will help your puppy settle into their new home.

The daily schedule will include instructions for:

  • Wake Up Time

  • Feeding 

  • Crate Training

  • Playtime

  • Potty Time

  • Bedtime 

Here are some of our favorite products:


Frisco 36 inch crate
36 inch crate is good size for most medium ALD's when full grown. Standard ALD's will need a 42 inch crate.
Large Yak Cheese
EcoKind Yak Cheese dog chews are healthy dog treats,odorless, rawhide free, long lasting bones for aggressive chewers, indoor & outdoor use. Made in The Himalayans and are handmade treats are free from chemicals and preservatives
Sherpa Dog Bed
This sherpa dog bed is light weight and perfect for a crate or bed anywhere you need
Tropiclean Spa
Tropiclean shampoo produces a rich lather that degreases and cleans fur without stripping away essential oils. Moisturizes and softens. Leaves coat soft, clean and healthy looking.Has a pleasant berry-coconut aroma.
All natural, pH balanced and contains no soap, parabens or dyes.
Tuffy's Ring Toy
Tuffy's Ultimate Ring is tough and long lasting.
Made with multiple layers of material that are bonded and sewn together to make one "Tuff" Layer. Most toys have just one seam to hold the toy together, Tuffy's has 7. Webbing is sewn around the edges of the toy and then the edges are sewn together to make each toy extra Tuff. Each toy has soft edges that is easy on gums.
No poly stuffing
Contains 4 squeakers sewn into a squeaker safety pocket inside for an added layer of security
Floats in water
Benebone Puppy
DURABLE, WITH A LITTLE GIVE – Benebones are for determined chewers. Benebones are durable and quite firm to the human touch, but is a teeny bit more forgiving for teething pups.
EASY TO PICK UP AND CHEW – The Wishbone is curved for a paw-friendly grip so your pup can quickly grab it and get a good chew going.
Elevated Pet Bed
Off-the-ground design promotes and increases air flow on all sides of the bed, keeping your pet cool (Elevates pets more than 7 in. off the ground)
Suspended platform provides added comfort by creating low-impact areas to pressure points and joints (Offers almost 9 Sq. Ft. of bed space)
Fabric is made out of a breathable high density polyethylene (HDPE) fabric that helps eliminate hot spots
Flea, mite, mold and mildew resistant
Easy to wash and maintain
Features a lightweight, yet strong powder-
Exercise Pen
Keep your dog safe and contained and room to move.
Secure double latch step-through door access, Exercise Pen / Pet Playpen folds flat for convenient storage.
Exercise pen can be used in doors and connects to a wire crate
Deterrent Spray
Grannick's Bitter Apple is a taste deterrent
training aid for dogs
Discourages fur biting
discourages hair chewing
discourages hot spots
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Interactive Dog Bowl
It's natural for dogs to play with their food. Add a bit of fun to every bite with a Fun Feeder! Featuring meal-lengthening ridges and mazes, Fun Feeders keep pups engaged for up to 10 times longer

Key Benefits
Promotes fun, healthy eating.
Helps prevent bloat, regurgitation & canine obesity.
Features non-slip base to hold bowl in place.
Top rack dishwasher safe.
Made with high-quality, food-safe material, BPA, PVC & phthalate free.
Dog Bed
Cozy pet bed with a soft, ultra-plush sleeping area and fluffy polyester fiber filling for even more cushioning on every side.
Raised sides and comfy bolsters create a feeling of safety and a deep sleeping spot for snuggling and nesting. One side is lower to make it easier to step in and out.
Outer fabric is faux suede that’s soft to the touch. Rectangular bed is the perfect shape for setting up a private sleeping nook
Chuckit ball
Chuckit Balls are high bouncing balls that can be used in the water.
Designed specifically for the game of fetch
Features and extra-thick rubber core and quality material that floats
Bright color gives increased visibility and help prevent balls from getting lost
Compatible with the Chuckit! Ball Launchers
JW hol-ee-roller ball
Game of fetch? Check. Good for bouncing? Yep, that too. Chew it and stretch it? Sure, why not. You can even fill the JW Pet Hol-ee Roller Dog Toy with tempting treats and turn the toy into a tasty puzzle of alone-time deliciousness. The patented honeycomb toy is made of natural, durable rubber and tough enough to provide countless hours of chew time.
Tropiclean for Teeth
sh Breath Oral Care Kit fights against periodontal disease, the number one disease among dogs that effects nearly 80% of dogs by age three. Developing good oral care habits at an early age is key to promoting complete pet wellness throughout the entire life of your dog. Fresh Breath Oral Care Kit begins working immediately to address plaque and tartar. A proprietary blend of natural ingredients produces a healthy oral environment, and promote periodontal wellness while also soothing minor gum ir
Nature's Miracle
Nature's Miracle Dog Enzymatic Stain Urine Destroyer Foam Aerosol Spray works to penetrate surfaces to power out dog urine messes. The enzymatic foam breaks down to eliminate strong urine and the yellow, sticky residue that comes along with it. When used as directed, it is safe for use around your pets and home. And because dogs can get into just about anything, it works on a variety of surfaces including carpets, hard floors, furniture, fabrics and more. Breathe deeply once more!
Reflective Harness
3M Polyester Reflective Front Clip Dog Harness
Refelctive Dog Collar
Chai's Choice Comfort Cushion 3M Polyester Reflective Dog Collar
6 foot leash
Chai's Choice 3M Polyester Reflective Dog Leash
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